Digital Transformation And The SME

We live in a digital world. A world transforming not only our society but also our economy. Interactions between humans and machines are changing the way we live and work. In the midst of this digital revolution, small agile firms hold the key to rethinking structures and processes to challenge business norms.

Today, democratized technology decreases the barriers to create new businesses, reduces the necessary capital investment, and allows smaller firms to compete with larger, more established companies. And technology is at the core of the digital transformation discussion.

Small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) are not only embracing new technologies, but also technologies appropriate for their organization. By embracing digital transformation, these businesses are able to compete with larger competitors as they grow and prosper.

Harlequin, a leading publisher of books for women, embraced the digital market by being one of the first publishers of ebooks. But behind the scene, their HR evaluating process was manual. The process required managers to fill out a paper version of a personalized performance review form and evaluation. The company’s director of HR took this stack of papers and performed manual data manipulation and number crunching. They decided to embrace digital transformation by selecting a customizable cloud-based HR solution. Today, goal-setting and the performance review process are automated.

To learn more about the digital transformation and how the SME market is leading the charge, tune into the SAP SME Summit on November 10th in NYC. This event will offer unique insights into how SAP and our partners are enabling SMEs to grow and prosper. Hear directly from SAP SME customers on how they are embracing the digital transformation. Catch all the action on the live-stream from the SAP Small Biz Periscope account beginning at 10:50 AM EST on Nov 10. We’ll also have a live TweetChat and blab during the event where we’ll talk with small business expert Brian Moran and digital transformation expert, Daniel Newman, about why the Digital Transformation is a giant opportunity for SMEs.

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SMEs are aware of the significance of the digital economy. But are they missing out by letting their operations to become increasingly complex as they grow? Watch SMEs In The Digital Economy: Simplicity Is The New Competitive Mandate [VIDEO].

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