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Making Real-Time Business A Reality

Rapid development of Big Data applications is quickly making real-time business a necessity for large and small businesses alike. Enterprise companies like Adobe, EMC, and ConAgra, along with smaller firms like consumer products companies Florida Crystals and Maple Leaf Foods, have successfully incorporated real-time data into their operations. During this year’s Super Bowl, SAP played…

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SMBs: Leverage New Technology For Maximum Impact

Technology opens up many opportunities for small and midsize business (SMB) owners to grow, serve their customers better, and ultimately raise more revenue. SMB owners must use technology to keep up with their competition or they risk being left behind. During the recent Super Bowl, SAP hosted a live-streaming virtual community event, #SB50Disrupt, that reached…

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What Small Companies Need to Know to Go Digital

By embracing digital transformation, small and midsize enterprises can distinguish themselves from competitors of any size. Whether a company is a startup or an established brand, it needs to understand the influence that data and digital technologies can have on its relationships with its customers and employees. Having a mobile app could, for example, persuade…

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