Top 4 Trends In SEO Marketing

SEO marketing is ever-changing, with many factors determining the most effective practices to increase a website’s SERP ranking. This year’s most effective techniques and trends are leaning towards multimedia, social media, and mobile optimization. Here are a few SEO marketing trends that professional marketers and online business owners should focus on to increase profitable traffic.

1. Videos will dominate SEO

2016 is the year of video. Video content will be the force that propels successful business websites. Approximately, 62% of daily Google searches are composed of videos, according to a Marketing Land report. As Google has begun favoring video in search results, a business can increase its SERPs page rankings by using this rich media content. The fact is a video link’s organic page rank is 50 times higher than plain static text page links, and their click-through rate is 41% higher.

2. Mobile optimization is key

People search the web using tablets, smartphones, laptops, and phone watches so often that mobile optimization is now the norm for an effective website. According to, there has been an increase of 43% in mobile searches year after year. Furthermore, Google has been ranking mobile optimized sites higher. The facts are that four in five shoppers utilize smart phones, 95% of these users search for local data, and 70% of these searches are acted upon within an hour. This data is why mobile optimization is essential to an effective SEO strategy.

3. The expansion of social content

Content generated by Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social platforms will become valuable to the SERPs. Currently, 76% of marketers are using social platforms, according to This year Google and other SERPs will rank Facebook posts higher than ever and index social media more often. Links to social content assists search engine crawlers in determining if a site is credible enough to be ranked higher. To take advantage, marketers should saturate their clients’ accounts with content to increase visibility and brand credibility.

4. Voice search optimization

Many SEO marketers have not considered the burgeoning power of the voice search function. Voice searching is a safe way to search the web while on the move, especially when driving. This means a number of active SERP users utilize this function and are more prone to making a buying decision at the time. Consequently, the voice search function’s popularity has led to Apple, Microsoft, and Google to developing software and tools in response to the technology. This means if content is easily searched using voice technology, focusing on keywords spoken most often, it will rank higher on SERPs.

By staying on top of SEO trends around multimedia, social media, and mobile optimization, you are likely to increase traffic to your properties.

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